2022 Tax Credit Available!

By: Emily Nolan | January 26, 2022

From our friends at Exceptional SC:
2022 Tax Credit Available!
Hello, friend of Exceptional SC:  

Due to your generosity and hundreds of other individuals and businesses in 2021, we will be able to provide more support to our special needs children than in the previous 3 years!   In 2022, please continue to think of Exceptional SC by sharing our mission and the lifechanging scholarships you empower us to provide to these special children. If each of us convinces just one other person to join this movement, we will collect the entire $12M in 2022.  

It’s simple, it’s fiscally responsible, and it’s lifechanging.   2022 donations can be accepted now. Here you will find a short summary of the law with instructions on how to participate in 2022.   With Exceptional SC you can contribute your appreciated stock and avoid capital gains tax (we’re a 501(c)(3)) while at the same time supporting a trusted organization! Save on taxes while supporting special needs children; it’s a no brainer.  

Remember, you can donate online at the link provided here or complete this form and mail a check to:   Exceptional SC P.O. Box 11305 Columbia, SC 29211  

If you have any additional questions for us, please do not hesitate to connect with us directly.

Please email michael@exceptionalsc.org for any further inquiries.  

Respectfully Yours,  
Exceptional SC