2021 Tax Credit Available

By: Emily Nolan | November 4, 2021

A message from our friends at Exceptional SC.

We hope that you will consider joining this important cause to help us transform the lives of thousands of special needs children in our state. Last year, we were able to support 1,500 students’ statewide attending special education programs within private schools.  

There were some very important changes signed into law this May by Governor McMaster that benefit you as a tax credit donor:  

1) You may now elect to donate 75% of your SC tax liability (instead of 60%); and,
2) You may now carry forward your tax credit donation for 3 years (instead of no carryover).  

This program needs generous people like you to continue to support these special needs children. Please donate before December 31st to ensure this program is sustainable for the future. Presently, over $10.6 M remains available of the $12M statewide tax credit cap with 60 days remaining in the tax year. Let’s close this gap and support these special children!  

Here you will find a short summary of the law and the changes from this May. Please share this information with your friends, family and colleagues.  

Remember, you can donate online at the link provided here or complete this form and mail a check to:   Exceptional SC P.O. Box 11305 Columbia, SC 29211   If you have any additional questions for us, please do not hesitate to connect with us directly.

Please email michael@exceptionalsc.org for any further inquiries.